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Kerry T Crane

Photography is not my hobby, it's a passion. I'm never more at home than when I'm behind the camera.

The art of photography is a never-ending pursuit of individual excellence. One that can only be marginally mastered. Two of the reasons why is, the infinite levels of light, and vast opportunities for composition. There are many other reasons, but for me, these two are at the forefront of importance.

I find it easy to strive for continuous improvement, because like with any art, the goal is to please first, the artist.    

Mural in Bricktown, Oklahoma City


Unique Stock Photography

Shot on location at your business or job site.

I’ll Spotlight The Unique

Interesting Equals Engagement

Simple is Elegant


Beauty Is Relative


This old piano sits in a dimly lit corner of an old abandoned school building in an Oklahoma ghost town known as Nobletown.

Sunrise at Broken Bow

I captured this shot on a muggy morning in May of 2018. It was just before sunrise, I was standing on a bridge overlooking the lake, which gave me a great view of the islands. To me, this photo looks like a vintage postcard.


Cotton Candy Clouds

This photo was captured before sunrise at Chickasha Lake near Verden, Oklahoma. The light scattered beautifully in the shadows of the clouds, and the sky caught fire with magenta. My wife and I titled it, “Cotton Candy Clouds”. 

Professional Photo Restoration

Below is a Before & After restoration project.

Wedding Photo-Before
Wedding Photo-Before


Foggy Sunset on the Mountain Fork River

My wife and I went to Hochatown, OK for a weekend getaway, and in hopes of capturing some interesting photography. 

This capture occurred late evening on our first day. The fog rolled over the mountains, covering the river. It was a beautiful moment in time for a photographer, and for anyone that enjoys God’s creation.

We ended up staying in one spot for a few hours experimenting with various exposure times, and shutter speeds. In the end, I had a few hundred photographs to go through. This is one of my favorites.  



A shot of downtown Oklahoma City from a distance, during the moonrise. The smoke wafting across the foreground is from a fireworks show south of downtown. I think the show was at Wheeler Park.

This shot is a long exposure of two cattle haulers going into Stockyards City. It was after midnight, and I had been waiting for this type of scene to present itself. I was close to packing up for the night when I noticed two trucks turning south on Agnew off I-40 eastbound. In this instance, patience paid off.


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