Onward I press with one goal in my heart, through this worlds torment and pain. The golden glimmer of a crown my Lord shall impart, a Heavenly home my soul shall gain.

With outreached hands I grope for the prize, moving ahead through this worlds sinful mire. I know that God in darkness is my sunrise, and to survive it is his strength I require.

One day at a time with each passing stride, I am closer to finishing the race. There’s no doubt I can win with Jesus as my guide, a bountiful blessing of God’s grace.

Marching ahead as a soldier of war, the battle raging about me so fierce. With the faith that one day I shall fight never more, for His Word my soul transpierced.

I lift up my voice to your throne O God, fill me with the strength to endure. Guide me, Father, that in your pathway I should tread, and keep me from Satan’s allure.   

Penned October 14, 1996

All Rights Reserved Copyright © 1996 Kerry T Crane