There’s NO substitution for PERSISTENCE.


I’m a photographer, writer, image editor and digital designer with over 36 years of experience in business and marketing.

I’m a born and bred Okie and have a passion for our state’s people, history, landscape, and even the climate. A professional photographer since 1998, I enjoy traveling around Oklahoma, documenting our sites and heritage through the eye of a lens.

My experiences expand across many industries

including manufacturing, publishing, product development, advertising, home improvement services, printing, lead qualification, and customer conversion techniques.

Born and raised in Oklahoma, with most of my life spent in and around the Oklahoma City metro. Much of my childhood was spent on a small farm in Blanchard, Oklahoma where my brother, sister, and I learned what hard work was all about. 

Be a blessing, and be blessed! 

Always remember, “people who say it can’t be done should not interrupt those that are doing it!”