Laughter and scorn from the voices He heard, as they beat Him and spit in His face. They scoffed at His coming with disbelief, not knowing His Father’s Grace.

They mocked and cursed our Heavenly Lord, casting lots for the clothes off His back. They were unaware of the truth of His words, they were unaware of what their souls did lack.

A man, a mere man, where is your Father now, why won’t He save His Son. They did not understand it must occur, in order for the victory to be won.

He suffered great pain, as they nailed His limbs to the tree. The agony and torture, no one can deny, our Savior Jesus died that we may be free.

The stripes He suffered which flowed red with His blood, are a testimony to His great love. What love from our Almighty God, how gracious this gift from above.

In a moment of triumph, my Lord did cry as His body quickly diminished. I tremble at the thought of His final words, my redeemer cried out “It is Finished.”

All Rights Reserved Copyright © 1996 Kerry T Crane