Photoshop for Photographers

Did you know that every great photograph has been edited? Yes, that’s one of the things that makes it great. Sure, the photographer did their job by choosing a worthy subject, then properly composing the shot, and selecting the correct camera settings, but there’s still work to do when the image comes off the card. That my friends is where Photoshop comes into play. 

But, before I sell you on how cool it is to use PS, let me show you an example of what can be accomplished. Keeping in mind, this example shows some typical things most photographers do when editing their work. Otherwise, it would only look like an average snapshot. 

This young bison had just stood up from rolling on the ground and was covered in dust, grass, and nasty bits left by his herd mates. I like the pose and the look in his eyes and he pondered over my intentions, with beast-like curiosity.

This is the young bison shot as it came off the SD card.

Young Bison by Kerry T Crane

You’ll notice he’s covered in unsightly debris, and his colors are not true because of the lack of light due to heavy cloud cover, and a heavy coat of dust. However, I personally like the look on his face and the pose. Therefore, I decided to go to work and clean the fella up, giving him a makeover in PS. 

Here’s the after work.

Young Bison by Kerry T Crane      

If you’re interested in learning one on one, how to take your photography to a new level give me holler.

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Photo Editing

Photo editing services are quoted on a case by case basis due to the number of variables involved in making your photo look its very best.

Quote Request Procedure:

1. Simply send your RAW photo via any File Hosting Service, like a free Dropbox account. (RAW images are too large        to send via email)
2. Include notes indicating your desired edits.
3. After reviewing your image and notes, I will send a quote to the email you’ve provided.
4. When you agree with the quote, I will make your desired edits, then return your file as a JPG via my Dropbox
account as a downloadable file. 

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